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Business IT Solutions

Software Outsourcing Services offers wide range of IT services for different industries



We are a team of IT professionals with dozens years of experience working in IT industry, with companies of the different size: from startups to large enterprises.

Our services portfolio includes : DevOps consulting and managed services, software development services, resource outstaffing.

What We Do

Аsk yourself this questions:

?  Does your business experience a growth in customer’s complaints?

?  Is your company  facing high workforce turnover and burnout?

?  Is your operational cost is too high and productivity lower than expected?

?  Do you want to improve employee’s engagement and discipline ?

If you answered "yes" at least once, then

Our HR platform can help you by

dealing with the challenges of planning and workforce motivation in the following way:

! Builds a forecast of demands and brings workforce to the right place  at the right time, taking into account the operational needs;

! Controls the efficiency and discipline of personnel at a particular moment; 

Increases productivity throughout gamification and employees’ engagement.

Аsk yourself this questions:

?  Are you looking to cut your time to market?

?  Are you looking to increase economic efficiency if you organization?

?  Do you want to focus on core areas of your business?

?  Do you want to increase flexibility of scaling your business?

?  Do you want minimize your project risks?

If you answered "yes" at least once, then

Our Outsourcing services can help you by :


! We can work in the full outsourced mode or in the mixed mode;

! Providing you highly skilled teams with 5+ years of international enterprise experience;

We can work across multiply time zones;

We are handling full software development life cycle : requirements definition, business analysis , project management , development , QA processes and DevOps

Аsk yourself this questions:

?  Are you looking to concentrate on your core business?

?  Are you looking to speed up your deployment process?

?  Are you looking to evaluate your current development processes?

?  Are you looking to control your operational cost?

If you answered "yes" at least once, then

We can help you:

! With evaluating your current development processes and implement best industry practices;

! We can take under our responsibility your deployment process; 

We can  help you with implementing CI/CD in your organization with the technology of your choice;

We can help you with the tools selection.

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We provide high quality software  development services and project delivery services for world class companies
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