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GoodT HR Platform

HR digital platform, that covers all aspects of work with personnel, from forecasting demands and strategic planning to performance control and motivation

Service level degradation

Profit lost

Imbalance between employees’ performance and operational cost

Time consuming planning and scheduling  process

Lack of employee’s engagement

Lack of visibility and control




GoodT – HR digital platform for effective time planning and mass personnel motivation. It is based on the predictive analytics, AI and machine learning

The platform consists of three modules:

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Goodt WFM – workforce management system for optimal shifts scheduling

Goodt HR Kioskbiometric employee identification terminal  with open HR-platform services

Goodt Game Centercorporate gamification system for individual and group motivation and engagement

Processes historical  data – average check and number of positions in it, profit, quality of personnel scheduling

Calculates estimates of traffic and other business’ drivers

Creates an optimal schedule and balances workload throughout a day

Constantly improves its algorithms

Tracks changes in performance and personnel workload for the whole chain, retail point and employee

Suggests more personal and transparent motivation model, taking into consideration an employee’s experience and and organizational goals

Record arrival and leaving time( clock in, clock out )

Promptly notifies manager about employee’s being late or absent

Simplifies registering days off and overtime

Monitors employees’ presence

Introduces engagement and satisfaction measurements to the supervising process

Performs time sheets  upload to your accounting system

Supports integration with Goodt WFM or other shifts scheduling system

Individual and group motivation

Gamification scenarios designed specifically for your business needs

Fully customisable graphics and game themes

Benefits cafeteria: Awards, Prizes & Perks

Quality and Quantity Monitoring - Sales, Call Center Operations, NPS, Administrative Metrics and Training

Flexible rating


Growth of service

quality level of

10% on average


Increase in employee engagement and performance improvement

from 5%


Operational cost reduction 

up to 15 %



Integrated approach
A set of different optimisation strategies
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Ready made specialised solutions for different industries
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Deep analytics for every level of management
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Intuitive UX
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Ease of setup and integration


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Learn more about Goodt HR Digital platform and advantages of using it in your business
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