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We give a kick to delayed IT process

So companies stop wasting money on development and start to grow their core business


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Resource shortage

Lengthy deployment process.png

Lengthy deployment process

Lengthy QA

Lengthy and inconsistent QA process

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High cost of IT services


We are helping to concentrate on your core business


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We evaluate all company's processes and find out the gaps in development cycle.

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As a result, we hand over to you the written report focusing on relevant improvements for the business.

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We help product teams to speed up deployment of new features and promtly fix operational issues.

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DevOps Deployment


As a result, companies spend less time on reaching their target audience. Master the customer journey, we will take care of the rest.

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We eliminate the incomprehension of the business and customer insights among IT teams helping them focus not on the code, but on its release.

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Strategy Consulting


And here, a clear strategy helps as well as possible.


“In fact, the reasons product development seems to drag on forever or technology projects take too long have more to do with underlying processes, technology and culture than a failure of will. That’s what I discovered after spending a few months analyzing our technology and product development processes at The New York Times.”


Cloud engineering

Each member on average has 3+ years of experience with major cloud service providers ( AWS, Azure, GCP)

Team is experienced with building containerized solutions using Docker to launch apps in services like EKS and ECS

Experience in building solutions using EC2 virtual machines and virtual private networking

Experience in extra AWS services like Lambda, S3, CloudFront

On-Premise engineering

Support of Operating systems including Ubuntu and CentOS/RedHat

Experienced with virtualization solutions like KVM or VirtualBox

Hardware monitoring and alerting

Support of non-containerized and containerized apps

Support of auxiliary services (web servers, databases, distributed storage, caching solutions)

Automation via Ansible


We support both managed and unmanaged k8s installations

Monitoring K8s clusters and apps using Prometheus or 3rd party monitoring solutions like Datadog

Development support

Strong experience with CI/CD pipeline design using tools like Jenkins, Gitlab CI and SaaS offerings

Helping dev teas to adopt modern methodologies and tune their workflow.

IT support

Up to 24x7 systems support with various SLA levels via Pager services or always-online staff.

Ability to reinforce your team with QA and development resources


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Advertising platform


Bulletin board with 20 millions unique visitors monthly.


The platform quickly gained popularity, and the client was facing the need to quickly adapt to the increased traffic and user requirements. It was necessary to balance the load, deliver updates more quickly and respond to errors, as their price became too high.


Due to correctly developed workflow and gitflow, the speed of development, test and updates delivery dramatically increased. If earlier trelease preparation took a week or more, now it’s less than an hour, and updates are usually deployed at least once or twice a day.

Due to well-developed testing process, 92% of errors don’t reach production. The remaining errors were fixed extremely quickly because of prompt hotfixes preparation and deployment.

Due to deeply thought-out monitoring system, we achieved almost instant reaction of the staff to problems even before they lead to downtime. Platform’s uptime is 99.96%.

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